Nexgard For Dogs: The Best in Flea And Tick Prevention

Dog parents know all too well the nuisance that flea and tick infestations present. Not only do they spread in your home and bedding, but they can also leave your furry friends with several infections and illnesses.

The number one line of treatment for these pesky and oftentimes dangerous bugs is Nexgard. Nexgard offers your dog the ultimate protection against flea infestations and tick bites

You can be confident that just one chewable Nexgard tablet can offer your precious pup protection against ticks and fleas for an entire month. Let’s get into what Nexgard is and its benefits.  

What Is Nexgard for Dogs?

Nexgard is a class of preventative medication administered to dogs for protection against tick and flea bites. It is highly recommended by vets and animal healthcare organizations all over the nation. 

Chewable and flavored with the goodness of real beef, Nexgard is like a treat for your dog every month. Nexgard has afoxolaner as its active ingredient, which safely enters the dog’s bloodstream. When ticks and fleas bite your dog, the drug will kill them during their blood meal. 

Each chewable tablet only needs to be taken once a month to offer effective treatment against tick and flea bites. Even if these bites are sometimes impossible to avoid when outdoors, you can be assured that your dog won’t suffer from their consequences.

Why Is Nexgard Needed?

Ticks and fleas can pose many threats to the general health and safety of your dog and home. Fleas are known to breed very quickly and lay eggs under the thick fur or hair of your pup. 

If left untreated, they cause scabs, irritation, rashes, and inflammation to your dog’s skin. They can also get into your home bedding, carpets, and rugs, causing an infestation that’s very difficult to get rid of. 

While flea bites can also cause troublesome bacterial infections, bad tick bites can sometimes be deadly. With just one bite, certain species of ticks can cause Lyme disease in our four-legged companions. Lyme disease can cause joint inflammation, making every activity your pup indulges in very painful. 

Certain nasty ticks can also cause paralysis, high fevers, induce vomiting, and in severe cases, result in complications that lead to organ failure. 

To safeguard your dog from these nasty symptoms, consider Nexgard.

Nexgard for Dogs Benefits 

Nexgard has many amazing benefits and is the best treatment for flea infestations and tick bites.

Tasty and Convenient

Incredibly easy to administer, all you need to do is feed your pet a chewable Nexgard tablet once a month. Adding to its appeal is the fact that it’s made with beef, making the medicine a savory and welcome treat. 

Set a monthly reminder to give your dog their Nexgard dose. If your dog is a picky eater, it’s also very easy to hide in your dog’s food. 

Protection Against Skin Conditions

Nexgard kills ticks and fleas and protects against the nasty diseases they carry. In addition, it also helps treat certain skin conditions like demodectic and sarcoptic mange which are skin infections caused by certain types of mites. 


Nexgard kills all fleas within 8 hours of administering the chew. For ticks, it takes only 48 hours. The tick will fall off your dog even if you don’t look for and extract it. 

Nexgard for dogs reviews show many customers who are 100% satisfied with the product.

Guaranteed Protection

Unlike other pills, which can sometimes be thrown up by dogs because of their bitter taste, Nexgard offers guaranteed protection because they are completely digested by your dog. 

Ointments and creams wear off easily and can’t effectively treat bites but Nexgard also works well in this regard.

Nexgard’s protection lasts for a whole month, so you can rest easy knowing your dog won’t be troubled by nasty bugs. Having said that, regular grooming must be maintained no matter what.

Effective Against Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Nexgard also helps control the inflammation and allergy symptoms if your dog happens to be allergic to flea saliva. 

Where To Buy Nexgard?

Do you need a prescription for Nexgard? You can buy Nexgard without vet prescription from 79pets but it’s always best to speak to your vet first about medication for your dog against tick and flea bites.

They can guide you on where to buy Nexgard and the cheapest place to buy Nexgard chewables. You can purchase them online from the convenience of your home. 

Nexgard for Dogs Side Effects

Although rare, here are some of the common side effects you may notice if your dog is having an adverse reaction to Nexgard.

  • Vomiting (which can decrease with subsequent dosage)
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive panting

Nexgard Dosage for Dogs

Puppies under the age of 8 weeks should not be taking Nexgard because it isn’t safe for them yet. After 8 weeks and a consultation with your vet, you can start your dog on Nexgard. 

Nexgard creates specific chewables for dogs according to their weights:

Larger dogs will require a combination of tablets for flea and tick prevention. 

When Not To Use Nexgard

If your dog has a history of seizures, is lactating, or pregnant, disclose it to your vet before starting Nexgard. It might not be safe to use under these conditions. 


We hope this article has given you an overview of how dangerous tick bites and flea infestations can be. With one tasty beef-flavored chewable, you can be confident that your pets and homes will remain free of pesky bugs and their bites. 

For the ultimate protection for your furry friend, consider getting Nexgard. Nexgard safeguards your dogs from nasty diseases that fleas and ticks carry and helps cure certain skin ailments caused by mites.

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