Bravecto Plus For Cats

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Bravecto Plus For Large Cat 13.8-27.5 lbs (6.25-12.5kg)


$62.95 USD


Bravecto Plus For Medium Cat 6.2-13.8 lbs (2.8-6.25kg)


$60.95 USD


Bravecto Plus For Small Cat 2.6-6.2 lbs (1.2-2.8kg)


$55.95 USD

Bravecto Plus Spot On for Cats

Bravecto Plus is a topical solution that effectively prevents heartworms, treats gastrointestinal nematodes, and eliminates fleas and ticks in cats. It instantly relieves cats from fleas and ticks and shields your cat for eight whole weeks by killing the fleas before they can lay eggs, thus breaking the flea life cycle. The wormer also eradicates roundworms and hookworms, while it prevents heartworm as well. It also aids in controlling FAD (Flea allergy dermatitis) in cats.

Bravecto Plus Prevents from

Bravecto Plus needs to administer a single dose once every two months. The dosage schedule depends on the cat's weight. Bravecto Plus should administer once every two months, and for fleas, it gives protection for three months.

Critical Benefits of Bravecto Plus

  • Treats all stages of roundworms and hookworms
  • Helps in controlling Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Prevents heartworm infestations
  • Provides parasite protection for weeks
  • It kills ticks effectively and breaks the flea life cycle.

Who is it for?

Bravecto Plus is safe for nine-week-old kittens; weighting should be 1.2 kg. Bravecto Plus is not safe to use for lactating and pregnant cats.

How to use Bravecto Plus?

Step 1: Remove Bravecto from its child-safe packaging.

How to use Bravecto Plus for Cats?

Step 2: Hold the tube straight up and twist the cap once to break the seal.

Please don't try to remove the cap, as it does not come off.

How to use Bravecto Plus for Cats

Step 3: Make sure that your cat's back is horizontal. Part the hair and apply directly on the skin.

How to use Bravecto plus for Cats

Step 4: Apply the base of the skull to ensure that the wet product can't be licked. Apply at one spot for the cats under 6.25 kg and two spots for those over 6.25 kg.

Bravecto Plus For Cats


The person who gives medicine need to follow some precaution which is as follows:

  • It would be best if you did not get in contact with the medicine. Better to use disposable gloves that will protect from an allergic reaction. People who are sensitive to Moxiderctin and Fluralaner should avoid contact with the treatment.
  • In case contact occurs, wash your hand properly with water and soap.
  • Always avoid contact with the application site on the animal until it gets dry. So you should avoid sharing a bed and cuddling, which may take up to 48 hours.
  • Wash your eyes immediately, as it can cause eye irritation. Wash your eyes immediately in case of eye contact.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Always keep Bravecto plus from open flames, heat, and highly flammable materials.

Side effects of Bravecto Plus

The most common side effects of Bravecto Plus are mild and short-lived reactions at the application site, such as hair loss, flaking skin, redness, and scratching.

Dosage chart of Bravecto Plus For Cats

Pack Colour
Body Weight
Dog Size
Pipette Size (ml)
Product Page
2.6 - 6.2 lbs (1.2 - 2.8 kg)
Small Cats
6.2 - 13.8 lbs (2.8 - 6.25 kg)
Medium Cats
13.8 - 27.5 lbs (6.25 -12.5 kg)
Large Cats


How long does Bravecto Plus last?

Bravecto Plus Spot-On lasts for two months, protecting your cat from Fleas, Ticks, and Worms.

What is the difference between Bravecto Plus and Bravecto?

Bravecto Spot on for Cats protect your cats from fleas and ticks, while Bravecto Plus for Cats is its advanced version. Bravecto Plus for Cats protects your cat against fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal worms.

Does Braveto Plus for Cats protect from tapeworms?

Bravecto Plus protects your cat from fleas, ticks, and heartworm for two months. It also treats intestinal worms like hookworms and roundworms.

Does Bravecto Plus safe for pregnant cats?

Bravecto Plus is unsafe for pregnant, breeding, and lactating cats.

How often should you use Bravecto Plus for Cats?

Bravecto Plus protects your cat against Fleas, Ticks, and heartworm for two months. It also treats roundworms and hookworms in cats. So it is recommended that you give Bravecto Plus to your cat every two months.

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