Frontline Plus For Cats & Dogs

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Frontline Plus For Extra Large Dog 88-132lbs (40-60kg)

Frontline Plus

$45.95 USD


Frontline Plus For Large Dog 44-88lbs (20-40kg)

Frontline Plus

$44.95 USD


Frontline Plus For Medium Dog 22-44lbs (10-20kg)

Frontline Plus

$43.95 USD


Frontline Plus For Cats and Kittens 8 Weeks or Older

Frontline Plus

$37.95 USD$42.95 USD


Frontline Plus For Small Dog Upto 22lbs (10kg)

Frontline Plus

$38.95 USD

Frontline Plus For Cats, Kittens & Dogs Prevents Flea & Ticks

Frontline Plus for Cats & Dogs is a topical solution for Flea & tick treatment. It will start killing adult fleas within 12 hours and chewing lice and ticks within 48 hours after administration. 

It remains active for four weeks, which wipes out the flea life cycle and prevents re-infestations of these pests. In addition, the waterproof treatment remains effective even if your pet gets wet.

  • Frontline Plus is available in 3 Pack, 6 Pack & 12 Pack, a fast-acting flea treatment.
  • It is easy to spot on
  • A single dose of Frontline will cover your pet for 30 days

Critical Benefits of Frontline Plus

  • Eliminates life stages for Four continuous weeks
  • It kills all ticks like brown, lone star, American dog, and deer.
  • It also kills Flea & ticks within 48 hours of application
  • Protects Cats & Dogs from insect bites
  • Protects from fatal tick-borne Ex - Lyme disease and Rocky mountain fever

Who is it For?

Dogs over eight weeks weigh at least 4.4 lbs (2 kg), and cats over eight weeks weigh at least 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg).

How to use Frontline Plus

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Frontline Plus for dogs Step One
Frontline Plus for dogs Step Two
Frontline Plus for dogs Step Three

Let your Cat or Dog stand in a comfortable position. Part the fur between the shoulder blades so that the skin will be visible

First, open the pipette and place its tip onto the skin. Then, squeeze out the full pipette until it is empty. Let the area be completely dry.

For small and Medium dogs, apply the full pipette at one spot. Use it for 4-5 spots in the backbone of a large dog.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not for human use
  • Please keep the product in its original package so that children will not have direct access.

Side Effects of Frontline Plus

Cats and Dogs may have mild skin irritation, but it should clear up quickly. However, there can be more side effects, like vomiting, diarrhea, and seizure. 

Dosage Chart of Frontline for Dogs

Pack Colour
Dog weight
Dog Size
Monthly Dose
Product page
Up to 22 lbs (10 kg)
Small Dog
0.67 mL (0.023 fl oz)
23 to 44 lbs (10-20 kg)
Medium Dog
1.34 mL (0.045 fl oz)
45 to 88 lbs (20-40 kg)
Large Dog
2.68 mL (0.091 fl oz)
89 to 132 lbs (40-60 kg)
Extra-Large Dog
4.02 mL (0.136 fl oz)

Dosage Chart of Frontline for Cats

Pack Colour
Cat weight
Cat Size
Monthly Dose
Product page
Over 1.5lbs (0.7 kg)
Cats & Kittens
0.50 mL (0.016907 fl oz)


Will Frontline Plus kill ear mites?

There needs to be more evidence that proves the efficiency of Frontline plus on mites infection.

How much time does Frontline Plus take to work?

Frontline Plys Provides 30 days of complete protection against fleas and ticks. It will start working as soon as the liquid spreads throughout the pet's body. Frontline Plus kills almost all the ticks within 48 hours and ticks within 24 hours.

Is it safe to use Frontline?

Frontline Plus is lethal o fleas and ticks and is also gentle on pets. However, Frontline Plus comes with adverse reactions and safety measures and is significantly infrequent. Frontline Plus for Cats and Dogs is safe for lactating and pregnant animals.

Can Frontline plus be used on any breed of dog?

Yes, Frontline Plus is safe for all breeds of dogs. Make sure you are using Frontline Plus for Dogs.

My dog is pregnant. Can I still use Frontline plus?

Yes, Frontline Plus is approved for use in lactating and pregnant dogs.

Can my cat stay around with my dog after applying for Frontline Plus?

You should keep your cat away from treated dogs for at least 24 hours or until the product is dry. 

Is there anything I need to take care of before I treat my dog?

Reading the enclosed directions and the entire label before each use would be best.

How much time does frontline plus take to work on dogs?

Frontline Plus will kill 100% of ticks within 48 hours of application and adult fleas within 12 hours.

Can my dog get wet after the application of Frontline Plus?

Your dog should wait until the application is dry and remain dry 24 hours after application.

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