Reward Points

What is Reward Points?

79Pets Rewards Program represents our heartfelt appreciation for choosing 79Pets as your preferred shopping destination and for supporting us by sharing your positive experiences with your loved ones. This innovative program serves as a token of gratitude, aiming to reward your loyalty and advocacy within our community.

Earning Reward Points on 79pets

On 79pets, every dollar spent earns customers Five reward points. Customers are not limited to purchasing products alone; they can earn points by engaging in various activities. For instance, purchasing, referring to your friend, Social media, and celebrating a birthday are all actions that earn customers points.

Own Purchasing

You earn 5 points on every dollar you spend. 

Referral Benefits

79pets also offers a referral program. By referring friends, customers earn additional points. Once the referred friend makes a purchase, the referring customer receives bonus points. Both get $5 off.

Social Media

Share and like us on Facebook & Instagram: By doing these, you will earn 50 points.


You will earn 200 points on your birthday.

Redeeming Points for Rewards

Accumulated points on 79pets can be redeemed as a voucher. You can use that voucher at the checkout page.

What is the value of Points?

100 points = 1$

Are Reward Points transferable?

No, You cannot transfer your points to any other account. You can share discount codes with your family and friend.

How to join?

You need to create an account on 79Pets. You will earn points on each order.

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