Nexgard Chew Red for Large Dogs Flea & Tick 60-121 lbs (25-50kg)


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Nexgard Chew Red for Large Dogs 60-121 lbs. (25-50kg)

Nexgard Chewable for a dog will protect your dog from Fleas and Ticks. Nexgard has a new ingredient called afoxolaner, which is very effective and works quickly to treat and keep Fleas and Ticks at bay. Nexgard chews are the first Fleas and Ticks treatment that comes in beef flavors chew, which dog loves to eat. 

Nexgard chews are quickly immersed into your dog's bloodstream and start attacking any fleas and tick's major nervous systems and preventing them from laying any eggs. NexGard is eliminated through your dog's metabolism, so they are consistently protected for 30 days.

Nexgard Chewable is FDA-approved. It is highly recommended by the vet and can be taken with heartworm treatments. Nexgard is easy to administer, so you don't need to rely on messy topical application. Nexgard will give you peace of mind that your dog has received the treatment they need and is fully protected from fleas and ticks.

For more information, visit Nexgard.

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