Activyl Flea Control & Tick Treatment

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Activyl represents an innovative approach to combat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and manage flea infestations in dogs and cats. Activyl's distinctive bioactivation mechanism sets it apart, eliminating the need for fleas to bite your beloved pets before the treatment kicks in. Upon contact with the skin, fleas absorb the active ingredient, resulting in their paralysis.

Activyl is a formidable shield against fleas by preventing them from feeding and effectively targeting eggs, larvae, and adult fleas. However, if you're also grappling with tick concerns, Activyl Tick Plus is a viable alternative to Frontline Plus. This potent formula retains the benefits of Activyl against fleas and introduces an additional ingredient to tackle tick infestations.

Benefits of Activyl 

  • Spot-On application ensures the product will not be refused
  • Kills 100% of newly arriving fleas for four weeks
  • It kills fleas at three life stages to break the breeding cycle
  • Acts fast – kills 90% of fleas within 12 hours

Who is it for?

Activyl, explicitly designed for dogs, is intended exclusively for canine companions at least eight weeks old and weighing at least 4 pounds (1.8 kg).

Meanwhile, Activyl Tick Plus, tailored for dogs, is crafted for use solely on puppies or dogs with a minimum age of eight weeks and weighing at least 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg).

For our feline friends, Activyl for Cats is formulated to be used exclusively on cats or kittens at least eight weeks old and tip the scales at a minimum of 2 pounds (0.9 kg).

How to use Activyl?

For Cats

To safeguard against your cat's natural inclination to lick the product, carefully position it at the base of their skull. Apply gentle pressure to the applicator, ensuring all the contents are distributed directly onto their skin.

Activyl for cats

Small Dogs (4-22 lbs)

Position the applicator tip snugly against the skin, precisely between the shoulder blades. Exert even pressure on the applicator, ensuring the complete contents are administered directly onto the skin.

Activyl for small dog

Medium to Large Dogs (Over 22 lbs)

Evenly distribute the entire contents of the applicator across two, three, or four distinct locations along the back, spanning from the area between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail. For each designated spot, gently separate the hair and administer the solution directly onto the skin. Be cautious to use an appropriate amount of the solution at any location.

Activyl for Medium and / or large dogs


  • Wash hands immediately after application.
  • Not for human use.
  • Keep out of reach of animals and children.
  • Ensure the other animals or pets cannot lick the application area after administration.
  • Do not administer orally – topical application only.

Precautions of Activyl for Dogs

  • Do not use on dogs or puppies under eight weeks of age or weighing less than 4 pounds (1.8 kg)
  • Do not use on dogs (female or male) intended for pregnant, nursing, or breeding dogs.
  • Activyl for dogs should not be used on cats.

Precautions of Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs

  • Do not use on dogs or puppies under eight weeks of age or weighing less than 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)
  • Please do not use it on pregnant, lactating, or breeding dogs.
  • Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs should not be used on cats.

Precautions of Activyl for Cats

  • Do not use on kittens or cats under eight weeks of age or weighing less than 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
  • Do not use on cats (female or male) intended for breeding or on pregnant or nursing cats.
  • Activyl for Cats should not be used on dogs.

Side effects of Activyl

After applying Activyl for Dogs, some dogs may experience a brief period of hypersalivation. Less frequently observed adverse reactions may include squinting, head shaking, or an inclination to scratch or rub the application site.

On the other hand, following the use of Activyl Tick Plus, the most commonly reported side effects comprise temporary erythema (redness of the skin), hair loss, or itching. While less common, some pets may exhibit gastrointestinal discomfort, lethargy, or diarrhea as a reaction to the treatment.

For feline companions receiving Activyl for Cats, temporary hypersalivation and irritation have been reported as potential side effects. In rarer cases, cats may display squinting, head shaking, or a tendency to scratch or rub the application site.

Dosage Chart of Activyl

Both Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus are formulated for monthly application as treatments.

It's crucial to note that the individual animal's body weight determines the dosage for dogs and cats. To guarantee the utmost safety and effectiveness, always verify that you possess the appropriate product tailored to your pet's specific size and weight.

Body Weight
Volume (ml)
4-14 lbs (1.8-6.5 kg)
14-22 lbs (6.6-10 kg)
22-44 lbs (10-20 kg)
44-88 lbs (20-40 kg)
88-132 lbs (40-60 kg)

Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs Dosage

Body Weight
Volume (ml)
2.6-11 lbs (1.2-5 kg)
11-22 lbs (5-10 kg)
22-44 lbs (10-20 kg)
44-88 lbs (20-40 kg)
88-132 lbs (40-60 kg)

Activyl for Cats Dosage

Body Weight
Volume (ml)
2-9 lbs (0.9-4 kg)
Over 9 lbs (4 kg)

Active Ingredient

Activyl (Indoxacarb)

Activyl Tick Plus (Indoxacarb Permethrin)

How effective it is?

Activyl for Dogs

Research on canines has revealed that the cessation of feeding, paralysis, and mortality in adult insects can manifest within a concise timeframe of 8 to 12 hours following treatment with Activyl. Moreover, Activyl can eliminate developing flea stages within the environment surrounding treated dogs while concurrently inhibiting the progression of flea eggs into larvae or biting adult fleas. This comprehensive approach ensures sustained control over new infestations for at least four weeks.

Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs

When tackling flea infestations caused by Ctenocephalides felis, this product demonstrates remarkable efficacy, maintaining its insecticidal potency for up to 4 weeks.

In addition, this product showcases enduring acaricidal effectiveness against Ixodes ricinus, offering protection for as long as five weeks, and against Rhipicephalus sanguineus for up to 3 weeks. It's important to note that in cases where ticks of these species are already present at the time of product application, not all ticks may be eliminated within the initial 48 hours. Still, they are likely to be eradicated within a week.

Furthermore, this product extends its impact to the immediate surroundings of treated dogs, effectively targeting and eliminating flea development stages upon contact.

Activyl for Cats

The interruption of feeding, paralysis, and the ultimate demise of adult insects can manifest swiftly, often within a mere 8-12 hours following the application of this treatment. What sets Activyl apart is its dual-action capability, as it not only dispatches adult fleas but also targets developing flea stages present in the surroundings of treated cats and dogs. In addition, it effectively thwarts the development of flea eggs into larvae or biting adult fleas. This comprehensive approach ensures a sustained grip on new infestations, delivering protection for at least four weeks.

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