Nexgard vs. Trifexis

Comparison between Nexgard and Trifexis

When starting any flea treatment for your dog, consider protecting your dog from ticks or other parasites.

Nexgard is a famous flea treatment that needs to be administered monthly and comes in flavored chewables. It also kills adult ticks and fleas on your dogs and controls reinfestation by preventing adult fleas from laying eggs.

Trifexis tables protect your dog from fleas for the entire month, prevent heartworm, hookworm, whipworm, and roundworm, and eliminate chewing lice. But, unfortunately, Trifexis doesn't kill ticks.

Nexgard is safe to use at the age of eight weeks with and minimum weight of 4 lbs (2 kg). Trifexis is safe for puppies and dogs at the age of eight weeks and has a minimum body weight of 5 lbs (2.3 kg).

Please choose the correct size according to your pet's body weight.

You can use our comparison chart for the most popular flea and tick products.

Nexgard Chews For Dogs
Trifexis For Dogs
Kills Fleas
Repels Fleas
Kills Flea Eggs and Larvae
Kills newly emerged fleas before they can lay eggs
Kills Ticks
Repels Ticks
Kills and/or Repels Mosquitoes
Prevents Heartworm
Prevents Roundworms
Prevents Hookworms
Prevents Whipworms
Other Parasites
Eliminates infestations with chewing lice, aids in the control of sarcoptic mange infestation
Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets
When does it starts working
Kills 100% of fleas within 24 hours
Kills fleas within 30 minutes; kills 100% of fleas within 4 hours
Beef-flavored chewable
Beef-flavored tablet
Active Ingredient(s)



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