Simparica Trio vs. Nexgard Spectra

Comparison between Simparica Trio and Nexgard Spectra

Simparica Trio, crafted by Zoetis, offers a monthly chewable tablet that combines the prowess of three well-established ingredients: sarolanermoxidectin, and pyrantel. This delectable chew packs a punch, safeguarding your furry companion against internal and external parasites, including troublesome foes like fleas, ticks, and worms.

On the flip side, NexGard Spectra hails from the Boehringer Ingelheim stable, and it's designed to provide comprehensive protection for your dog against a spectrum of parasites. This all-in-one, palatable chew simplifies dosing and stands as a formidable guardian, defending your canine companion from hitchhikers' threats, such as fleas, ticks, mites, and worms.

You can use our comparison chart for the most popular flea and tick products.

Simparica Trio For Dogs
Nexgard Spectra For Dogs
Kills Fleas
Kills Ticks
Prevents Lyme Infection
Treats Intenstinal Worms
(Hookworms, Roundworms)
(Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms, Flea Tapeworms)
Prevents Flea Tapeworms
Prevents Heartworm
Prevents Roundworms
Prevents Hookworms
Prevents Whipworms
Other Parasites
Ear Mites, Mange
Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets
When does it starts working
Killing Deer Ticks within 8 hours and starts killing fleas within 4 hours
Within 4 hours
Palatable Liver flavor
Beef-flavored chewable
Active Ingredient(s)
Sarolaner, Moxidectin, and Pyrantel

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