Spot On Flea And Tick Treatment

Spot On Flea and Tick Treatment


Spot-on are pest control liquids contained in petite tubes. They're typically administered to the skin, often around the scapular region or along the spine.

Active Ingredients

The specific ingredients can vary by brand. However, frequently used components encompass deltamethrin, dinotefuranfipronilimidaclopridindoxacarbpermethrin, pyriproxifen, and selamectin.

How It Works

Spot-on incorporates substances that act as neurotoxins targeting mature parasites. Additionally, specific formulations include components that hinder the growth of larvae. Having an oily consistency, the medicinal solution ensures even distribution across the skin, reaching the sebaceous glands. These can both eliminate and deter parasites.

Application Method

Separate the fur in the designated treatment area to ensure direct skin contact. Always adhere to the guidelines regarding the specific application spot. Emptying the entire tube content is essential since dosage often varies based on the pet's weight.

Frequency of Application

Typically, these treatments are given monthly. However, certain products allow for more regular applications. If the treatment appears to lose efficacy towards the month's end, it's advisable to consult your vet.

Safety Measures

Avoid bathing your pet before or after the treatment to maintain effectiveness. Ensure children and other animals remain at a distance until the product fully dries on the pet. Always administer the accurate dose based on your pet's weight. Never use products labeled explicitly for dogs on cats; those containing permethrin can be toxic to cats.

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