How To Treat Ticks On Dogs And Puppies

Though small, ticks pose significant health risks to dogs and puppies as they can transmit various diseases depending on the species and location. These include Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain spotted feveranaplasmosistularemia, and babesiosis.

One of the most severe consequences of tick infestation is tick paralysis in dogs, a condition that can be life-threatening. It typically starts with the hind legs or lower extremities being affected, followed by a gradual spread of paralysis to the front legs. If the paralysis reaches the diaphragm, it can lead to respiratory arrest and prove fatal.

Tick Preventative Treatments On Puppies And Dogs

The most effective approach to eliminating ticks from dogs and puppies involves flea and tick preventatives. These products eradicate existing ticks and fleas and protect against future infestations.

There are generally three main types of tick treatment options: oraltopical, and collars. Oral treatments are available in various forms, such as pills, tablets, or chewables, either flavored or unflavored. Topical treatments are recommended if your pets are unwilling to take oral medication.

The treatment method choice depends mainly on your pet's weight and age. One advantage of tick preventatives is that many of them also eliminate fleas.

It's important to remember that the most effective strategy for combating a tick infestation involves treating the house and yard simultaneously to eliminate ticks from the environment.

Get Rid Of Ticks On Puppies Younger Than 6 Weeks Of Age

Numerous tick treatments available on the market require pets to be at least four weeks old and weigh a minimum of 2 pounds. If your pet is younger than this, it's advisable to consult a veterinarian or conduct a visual and tactile inspection yourself, removing any ticks you find manually.

Get Rid Of Ticks On Puppies 6 Weeks Of Age Or Older

Revolution for dogs is a highly favored and efficient topical treatment for puppies older than six weeks and weighing less than 5.5 pounds.

Older pets can benefit from the Seresto collar at seven weeks, offering protection against ticks and fleas for up to eight months.

Get Rid Of Ticks On Puppies 8 Weeks Of Age Or Older

As puppies grow older, more tick treatment options become available. NexGard for dogs provides an oral solution suitable for puppies as young as eight weeks and weighing over 4 pounds, offering protection for up to 30 days.

Frontline Plus offers a topical alternative for puppies that may not prefer chewable treatments. Similar to NexGard chewables, it safeguards your puppy against ticks for 30 days and requires monthly application. Additionally, Frontline Plus is effective in killing and repelling mosquitoes for dogs.

Get Rid Of Ticks On Puppies And Dogs 6 Months Of Age Or Older

Bravecto presents an excellent option for tick treatment, offering a three-monthly solution for dogs or puppies over six months old and weighing more than 4.4 pounds. Available in oral and topical formsBravecto effectively eliminates ticks and protects against new infestations for up to 12 weeks.


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