Advantages Of Using Flea And Tick Preventatives For Pets

Fleas and ticks are small pests that can make your furry friend really sick. Protecting your dog or cat from them is crucial.

You might believe you only need to give your pet flea and tick medicine when it has those bugs, but it's actually important to use it all the time. There are several good reasons why flea and tick preventatives are helpful, even if your pet doesn't seem bothered by those pests.

Fleas And Ticks Are Around Every Season.

Yes, fleas love warm and moist weather, so they're extra busy during the summer. But don't let winter fool you – your pet can still pick up fleas during the colder months. The cold doesn't stop fleas completely; it just slows them down.

Ticks usually thrive in late summer and early fall, but they can still be a problem in winter if the temperature is over 40 degrees. So even when it's chilly outside, ticks can still threaten your furry friend.

When it is cold outside, your cozy home becomes even more inviting to fleas and ticks. Your pets are likely spending more time indoors, which increases their chances of bringing these pests inside. So, it's important to stay vigilant all year round.

Keeping Your Furry Pals Safe From Fleas

Fleas can be super sneaky, making them hard to catch and kill. When you notice fleas jumping around your pet or home, it's often too late – you have a big problem! It can be challenging to get rid of fleas once they've taken over your pet and your house, so it's best to stop them before they even start.

Luckily, flea and tick preventatives like BravectoNexgard, and Revolution exist. You have to give them to your pet according to the instructions on the packet, usually once a month. This helps keep your furry friend free from fleas and ticks all year, saving you from later dealing with a significant infestation.

Keeping Your Cat Or Dog Safe From Tapeworms

Flea and tick prevention is an excellent way to protect your pet from tapeworms. Fleas can carry tapeworms, and if your pet gets fleas, it might end up with tapeworms, too. Tapeworms can make your pet's rear itchy and even cause weight loss by removing essential nutrients.

If your pet does get tapeworms, you can treat it with medicines like Sentinel Spectrum for dogs or Drontal for cats and dogs.



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