Bravecto Chews For Dogs

Bravecto Chews For Dogs

Bravecto® serves as a remedy for combating flea and tick infestations. It offers different types and potencies, including an oral version exclusively for dogs and a skin-applied variant suitable for dogs.

Fluralaner is the potent component of Bravecto®. This medication falls under the isoxazoline class, a relatively new group of anti-flea and tick agents. When fleas and ticks bite an animal treated with Bravecto®, they consume fluralaner, which disrupts their neural functions, leading to their paralysis and eventual demise. In pets, Bravecto® swiftly acts, eradicating fleas within hours after being administered.

One of Bravecto®'s benefits is its role in diminishing itchiness and skin irritation symptoms stemming from flea allergies in pets.

Additionally, Bravecto® has also been utilized in unique ways, such as treating demodectic and sarcoptic mange in dogs. This unconventional use, not specifically listed on its label, is known as an off- or extra-label application. Veterinarians commonly suggest medications for such applications, and it's your vet's discretion to decide if Bravecto® fits your pet's needs.

You must select the appropriate Bravecto® variant according to your pet's species and weight. Intermixing dosages meant for cats and dogs could result in inefficacy or an overdose.

Consult your veterinarian to ascertain if Bravecto® aligns with your pet's requirements. It's vital to thoroughly peruse the label directions and administer Bravecto® strictly based on your vet's recommendations.

Active Ingredients

Bravecto chews primarily contain the active ingredient fluralaner. Fluralaner is a potent compound that targets external parasites such as fleas and ticks. When these pests bite an animal that has consumed Bravecto chews, they ingest fluralaner, which subsequently interferes with their nervous system. This leads to over-stimulation of their nerve cells, resulting in paralysis and eventual death of the pests. This mechanism ensures effective and long-lasting pet protection from these unwanted external parasites.


Merck Animal Health, a renowned global animal health industry leader, manufactures Bravecto chews. With a dedication to innovation and science-backed solutions, Merck Animal Health has been at the forefront of providing veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners with a broad range of products to ensure the well-being of animals. Bravecto chews, as one of their flagship products, reflect their commitment to quality, offering long-lasting and effective protection against external pet parasites.

Side effects of Bravecto Chew

Bravecto chews, like many medications, can have potential side effects. While many dogs tolerate Bravecto without problems, some might experience:

  • Vomiting
  • Decreased appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Polydipsia
  • Flatulence

It's essential to remember that while these side effects are possible, they don't occur in all dogs. However, if you notice any unusual symptoms or behaviors in your dog after administering Bravecto, you must consult your veterinarian immediately. Monitoring and communicating with your vet can ensure the safety and well-being of your pet. Always administer medications as prescribed and under the guidance of a veterinary professional.

Benefits Of Bravecto Chew

  • Simple-to-give chewable formulation 
  • Taste that dogs eagerly enjoy 
  • It wipes out fleas and acts as a barrier against infestations 
  • Guards against multiple tick species (including black-legged ticks, American dog ticks, lone star ticks, and brown dog ticks) 
  • Delivers full protection from fleas and over 95% defense against ticks for a month. Safe and efficient for puppies as young as eight weeks old.

Missed a dose? 

Administer it as soon as you recall. Brief sightings of fleas and ticks might occur due to the skipped dosage.

Dosage Chart

Pack Colour
Body Weight
Dog Size
Fluralaner Content (mg)
Chews Administered
Product Page
4.4 – 9.9 lbs (2-4 kg)
9.9 – 22.0 lbs (4-10 kg)
22.0 – 44.0 lbs (10-20 kg)
44.0 – 88.0 lbs (20-40 kg)
88.0 – 123.0 lbs (40-56 kg)
Extra Large
Over 123.0 lbs (56 kg)
Administer the appropriate combination of chewables

The Bottom Line

Bravecto chews offer a tasty and efficient solution for safeguarding dogs against fleas and multiple tick species, providing long-lasting protection even for puppies as young as eight weeks old.



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