Simparica vs. Bravecto

Comparison between Simparica Chewables and Bravecto Chewables

Oral treatments like chewables are the most popular alternative to topical for protecting your dog from fleas and ticks. Simparica (Sarolaner) and Bravecto (Fluralaner) protect your dog in the same way that fights fleas and ticks.

Simparica and Bravecto kill adult fleas on the dog, eliminate them before they lay eggs, and break the breeding cycle. They also kill adult ticks, including the American dog tick, black-legged tick, Lone Star tick, and brown dog tick. Additionally, Simparica also protects from Gulf Coast tick.

Bravecto protects for 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks and protects against Lone star ticks for eight weeks. At the same time, you need to administer Simparica every month.

Simparica is safe for puppies and dogs at the age of six months, while Bravecto is safe for puppies and dogs over the age of six weeks with a minimum weight of 4.4 lbs (2kg).

Please choose the correct size according to your pet's body weight.

You can use our comparison chart for the most popular flea and tick products.

Simparica For Dogs
Kills Fleas
Repels Fleas
Kills Flea Eggs and Larvae
Kills newly emerged fleas before they can lay eggs
Kills Ticks
Repels Ticks
Kills and/or Repels Mosquitoes
Other Parasites
Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets
When does it starts working
Kills adult fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours of administration
Starts to kill fleas in 2 hours
Liver-flavored chewable
Pork-flavored chewable
Active Ingredient(s)
Every 12 weeks

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