Frontline Plus vs. Revolution

Comparison between Frontline Plus and Revolution

Despite having multiple chewable and tablet treatments, Spot-on is the most common way to treat your cat or dog from fleas, ticks, and parasites.

These treatments can use to treat different kinds of parasites. In addition, these products will protect your pets from killing ticks and fleas and controlling sarcoptic mange and lice.

Frontline Plus kills larvae and eggs before they lay eggs and kills fleas at all life stages. Revolution protects your cat and dog from developing heartworm; administered as directly and needs to administer monthly. In addition, revolution prevents your cats from hookworms and roundworms.

Frontline Plus is safe to use for cats and dogs at the age of eight weeks. Revolution for cats is safe to use at eight weeks and for dogs at eight weeks.

Please choose the correct size according to your pet's body weight.

You can use our comparison chart for the most popular flea and tick products.

Frontline Plus For Cats and dogs
Revolution Spot-On For Cats & Dogs
Kills Fleas
Repels Fleas
Kills Flea Eggs and Larvae
Prevents flea eggs from developing
Kills Ticks
Repels Ticks
Kills and/or Repels Mosquitoes
Prevents Heartworm
Other Parasites
Eliminates infestations with chewing lice, aids in the control of sarcoptic mange infestation
Treats and controls ear mites and sarcoptic mange
Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets
When does it starts working
Kills fleas within 12 hours and ticks within 48 hours
More than 98% of adult fleas are killed within 36 hours
Active Ingredient(s)

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