Indoor Activities to Do With Your Cat In Winter

Indoor Activities to Do With Your Cat In Winter

Like humans, our furry companions can suffer from cabin fever when confined indoors for extended periods. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, pet owners might find it challenging to maintain their usual exercise routine for their cats. Furthermore, some cats may reject the idea of venturing outdoors when the cold has settled in or the ground is blanketed in snow.

To ensure your beloved cats stay entertained and mentally engaged during winter, here are some creative suggestions to help them beat those chilly weather blues.


Cats possess an innate hunting instinct, even though domesticated cats no longer need to rely on hunting for survival like their wild ancestors. Nevertheless, this hunting drive remains a fundamental aspect of your cat's personality. You can tap into your cat's inner hunter by introducing lifelike Hartz toys that replicate the movements and sounds of the prey they would encounter in their natural environment.

Hide & Seek

Cats are hardwired by their instincts to dedicate a significant amount of their waking hours to hunting for food. You can awaken the inner wild ancestor within your pet by engaging in a fun activity: hide treats throughout your home for them to discover.


Cats often exhibit swatting behavior when they are curious or exploring unfamiliar objects. Additionally, they may use their paws to nudge items, emulating the instinct to play with prey. Hartz offers a wide selection of small, lightweight cat toys that effortlessly capture your feline's attention and promote playful activity.

Training and Tricks

Consistent practice leads to improvement! Is there a specific command that your cat finds challenging to grasp? With the increased indoor time during the winter months, you can dedicate extra time to their training. This might involve helping your cat perfect a new trick or investing additional time in assisting your cat with her litter box training.


Engaging in interactive play is a valuable means of establishing trust with your feline friend, fostering camaraderie among multiple cats, promoting exercise, and providing stress relief. Hartz delivers a diverse selection of toys that allow you to take the reins and generate prey-like movements, enhancing the enjoyment of playtime for you and your cat.

Carve out quality time.

Sticking to the same old routine within the comfort of familiar surroundings can quickly become dull. Why not plan an exciting adventure for you and your furry friend by visiting pet-friendly stores or organizing a playdate with your canine companion's pals? Additionally, numerous doggy daycares provide opportunities for off-leash exercise and indoor play sessions with fellow dogs, giving your canine companion a fresh and engaging social experience, especially when you're at work or away from home.

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