Benefits Of Flea Topical Treatments And Spot-On


Here are four simple methods for removing fleas from pets like dogs and cats: using flea shampoos, combs, or sprays; giving them oral treatments like flea pills, chewables, or tablets; using flea collars; and applying topical and spot-on treatments.

Oral treatments such as Bravecto ChewsNexgard, and Simparica have recently gained popularity for eliminating fleas from pets. Yet, there are still many benefits to sticking with the traditional flea topical and spot-on treatments.

Ideal For Cats and Dogs That Aren't Keen On Swallowing Pills

Getting cats or older and unwell dogs to take pills can be a real challenge. That's where flea topical and spot-on treatments come in handy for getting rid of those pesky fleas on your furry friend. These treatments, like Bravecto TopicalRevolution, and Frontline Plus, are applied directly onto your pet's skin, usually at the base of their neck or shoulder blades.

Durable And Waterproof

Many effective topical treatments become waterproof or water-resistant approximately two hours after application. Once the treatment is completely dry, you can relax, knowing that your dog or cat won't be affected if they get wet, and there's no risk of the treatment accidentally rubbing off onto young children or other pets.

Kills Fleas And Ticks - Effectively

Topical flea treatments don't just zap the fleas you spot; they also wipe out their eggs and larvae, effectively eradicating fleas. Bravecto stops newly hatched fleas from laying eggs, nipping future infestations in the bud, while Revolution prevents flea eggs from hatching.

These treatments usually also tackle ticks, safeguarding your pets from the nasty consequences of these parasites.

Long Lasting Protection

Many topical flea treatments keep working for about a month, eliminating fleas, their eggs, and larvae so your pet stays flea-free for a while. Bravecto Topical goes even further, providing up to 12 weeks of defense against fleas, stopping new infestations in their tracks.

Keep Up With Flea Treatments

Whether you opt for topical or oral flea remedies for your pet, it is crucial to use them regularly and consistently. This ensures they keep working effectively, preventing serious health issues for furry friends.

Fleas aren't just a summer problem – cats and dogs can pick them up all year round, even in winter. That's why it's important to use flea preventatives throughout the year. Fleas have a quick breeding cycle and adaptable life stages, so continuous prevention helps avoid re-infestation.

If you're dealing with a flea outbreak, remember it's not just about treating your pet. You'll also need to tackle fleas in your home and yard to el.iminate the issue.



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