Year-Round Heartworm Prevention: Worth The Cost?

Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility. It does not just stop with providing our furry friends a safe home, a fluffy cushion to sleep on, or delicious dog food. They also need a healthcare plan because, like us, they also have viruses, bacteria, and parasites to avoid.

If you have been a pet parent for a long time, you probably know how serious heartworm disease can be. We’d like to walk you through this pesky disease for new pet parents.

Heartworm is a serious disease for many pets, mainly dogs, cats, and ferrets. It can result in severe lung disease, heart failure, organ damage, and even death. It comes from a mosquito bite that carries a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis. They enter the body and eventually reach your dog’s heart. 

Just imagining your loved furry friend going through that pain is traumatic enough. 

We know how much you care for them, and now is the best time to equip yourself with knowledge on how to protect your dogs from this harsh parasite.

You have probably heard of year-round heartworm prevention. If not, let us dive deeper into why your dogs should have it and if it is worth your money.

Is Year-Round Preventive Measure Worth Your Money?

Basically, heartworm is a dog killer for the most part. The good news is you can prevent it from happening. You can keep your dogs safe from this fatal disease. 

Heartworm prevention treatments have become a standard of preventive care for pets. 

The FDA approved several heartworm medications for pets, which can vary from oral, injectable, or topical. These treatments target the larvae, so they won’t be able to grow and spread. 

Veterinarians across the globe also recommend the use of year-round heartworm preventive treatments because mosquitoes are basically active throughout the year. They can start tapering down during super cold months, but they are everywhere in the late spring, summer, and early fall months. They can still be present in places with mild winter.

For the safety of our family members, including our dogs, we are ready to do anything. Money is not an issue here in the first place. It is all about your furry friend’s life. Would you trade that for anything else? We believe your answer is no.

Plus, heartworm treatment is even more costly than giving them year-round prevention against the disease. 

Best Year-Round Heartworm Preventive Treatments You Can Give Your Pets

We want to make your selection as breezy as possible. So choose HeartGard Plus chewables for your dogs and be relieved from constant worry. You just need to administer it once a month to prevent heartworm disease and even to treat and control ascarid and hookworm infection in dogs. 

Check 79Pets wide selection of HeartGard Plus for different dog sizes and weights. 

This treatment is effective in disrupting the juvenile stages of heartworm disease. These chewable are also tasty for your dog. HeartGard has a real beef flavor that makes it highly palatable for them. 

HeartGard Plus contains Ivermectin and Pyrantel Pamoate. These two active ingredients work wonders in your dog’s body to prevent the disease. Ivermectin, a broad spectrum antiparasitic agent, is responsible for preventing heartworm infection. On the other hand, Pyrantel Pamoate works to eliminate worms such as roundworms and hookworms. 

Administration of HeartGard will surely be fuss-less.

Extra Prevention

Aside from giving them year-round heartworm preventive chewables every 30 days, you also have to make sure that the environment you and your dog live in is not exposed to blood-sucking, parasite-carrying mosquitoes.

What Can You Do?

Keep your dogs indoors overnight. If you can also avoid walks during dawn or dusks as these are the best times for mosquitoes to attack.

Make sure your home has screen doors to prevent mosquitoes or insects from going inside, especially if you want to open the windows for fresh air.

Eliminate standing water close to your homes like puddles, birdbaths, or pails. It is their breeding ground. Get rid of them around your home, inside and outside, to lessen the number of mosquitoes in your pet’s environment.

Mosquito repellents may work, but we suggest you limit this because it can leave residue on your furniture or floors that your pets constantly sniff and lick. Instead, you can make a homemade bug spray made of all-natural botanical ingredients.


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