Why Is My Dog Crying For No Reason?

The whining starts when you finally settle down to get your work done. You calmly set out to check on your little fur whiner. Only to be greeted by the question, 'why is my dog crying for no reason?' Whining can be cute, but encouraging it unintentionally can become a problem. You must first understand why your Dog is crying before finding any means to stop its whimpers.

Let us look at some possible causes why dogs cry for no reason and ways to intervene in their behavior.

Why is my dog crying for no reason?

Why Dogs Cry For No Apparent Reason

It is important to remember that crying, yelping, and whining are a form of communication for our dogs. Some common reasons dogs cry or whine can be excitement, pain, anxiety, resource solicitation, and attention seeking. Below are a few causes of your Dog's whimpering that might drive you crazy and into confusion.

1. Pain

If your Dog is always crying, it could signify that your pet is in physical distress or suffering chronic pain. For example, if your Dog whines while climbing or jumping around, it is experiencing joint pain because of arthritis. Another reason for your Dog to cry could be when it hurts after surgery or during accidents at home. In fact, many dogs respond by crying to soothe themselves. They also tend to whimper to gain your attention and to let you know they are not feeling well. 

2. When being Stressed out or Scarred

It might be the case that your Dog cries due to stress, anxiety, and fear. Along with crying and whimpering, you may also notice your dog pacing, panting, trembling, lip licking, hiding, or yawning. These are called appeasement gestures. For example, separation anxiety leads your Dog to chronic crying, especially when you are about to leave the house. It can also happen when a new guest is in the home or when your pet misses someone. Your Dog could also be yelping when they fear loud noises such as fireworks or thunder.

dog stressed out

3. Seeking Attention

Wandering why your puppy keeps whining for no reason? It could be because no one is paying attention to it, or it craves your attention. It could happen when you do something that doesn't involve your Dog, like online work or having a phone conversation. Your Dog can also cry when it is jealous of your time with another pet or a person. Sometimes attention-seeking whimpering occurs when your Dog wants you to play with it.

4. Wanting Something

There are moments in your everyday life when your Dog lets you know what it wants through whining. It recruits the vocal impulse of a whimpering puppy to show its desire for food, water, or a potty break. If you notice your Dog constantly whining but with excitement, it might be because it wants a toy or wants you to retrieve it. There are also times when your Dog cries when it needs cuddles or wants to go outside. If that is the case, you can notice its eyes shifting between you and the desired object or the door while whining. 

Dog wanting something

5. As a Submissive Behavior

You may think, 'why is my Dog crying for no reason? After all, it was its fault!' Like you feel guilty, your Dog, too, feels guilty after doing something wrong. Crying and whining is often submissive behavior of dogs. It might also bow its head and tail between its legs while crying and whimpering, displaying its guilt. When scolded for chewing your shoes or tipping the trash can, it might whine about apologizing. Your furry friend stresses over its mistake and whines in effort until you acknowledge its apology.

Dog Submissive Behaviour

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Whining?

Why is my dog yelping for no reason? Of course, you must immediately know that something is wrong. However, before treating the behavior, it is best to find the cause as to why your Dog is whining. 

Below are a few tips to calm down your pet and train it to whine less. 

How to Get Your Dog To Stop Whining

Ruling Out Medical Issues

Symptoms of separation anxiety and specific pains are signs of other health issues. Therefore, a checkup for your Dog when it whines is an excellent choice to rule out all the medical problems. Calming supplements and medication will help if your Dog cries because of fear. There are also some home therapies that you can practice, such as playing soft music and providing chewable toys. Prescribed exercises and a massage routine can help your doggy's health. Do not forget to use desensitization and counter conditions daily. Most importantly, always approach your Dog gently.

Correcting Behavioral Issues

Often dogs' whining results in extra petting, treat, or playtime, which triggers them to continue to whine stubbornly. This might lead to positive reinforcement for greed and build up some behavioral problems. Waiting for a break in the whine and rewarding is one of the best ways to train your Dog. You must also ensure your Dog has enough daily exercise and mental stimulation. This will lessen your Dog's chances of showcasing problem behavior traits. Finally, avoid inadvertently encouraging your Dog to whine, and don't give in easily when it concerns habits. 

Creating A Routine For Your Dog

Creating a healthy routine for your Dog might also help clear up your question, 'why is my dog crying for no reason?' Enrich your Dog's environment with plenty of exercises, toys, and mental nourishment. Under a vet's advice, follow a nutritious diet and essential cardiology daily. Beware, changing your daily routine will also contribute to your Dog's crying. Try to stick to a daily schedule and time when feeding and walking your Dog. This will help your Dog to get used to its routine and to know what to expect next.
Routine for Your Dog


No matter how much you love your dogs, it will always drive you to a corner when they whine. It will leave you on your own to find answers to your pet's cries and whimpers. The question 'why is my dog crying for no reason?' will keep troubling you. 

The key is correctly understanding and interpreting the whines and working it out with your Dog. As crazy as it can be, taking care of and training your Dog may be very tough. However, by being patient with your training, you will soon be able to have a lovely time with your furry companion.

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