Why Does Your Dog Rub Their Face On You?


There are multiple reasons your dogs start rubbing their face on you. Rubbing their face can mark their scent, or they might be trying to comfort or snuggle with you. You are making them feel safe; it has separation anxiety and is looking for attention.

Most of these reasons are entirely natural, and nothing to worry about it. However, in some cases, rubbing can be a sign of a health issue.

Here are some of the reasons

Your Dog Needs Attention

The most common cause that your dogs rub themselves on you is that they want your attention if you feel that your Dog does this whenever you return home or are busy.

Your Dog Is Greeting Someone

Dogs rub themselves when they meet new people. Your Dog is probably trying to get the new person's scent whenever this happens. But, on the other hand, he is also trying to put his smell on them.

They Are Rubbing Their Scent On You

Sometimes, dogs try to get their scent on you if you smell unusual to them. Another reason is that if you're around other dogs, they will try to scent you to get their attention.

Your Dog Is Itchy

Your Dog may be just itchy, which you no need to worry about, but sometimes it can be a sign of a severe health problem.

For example, allergies and external parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites can cause itchiness in dogs. If you suspect one of these health issues is the cause, you should visit your vet to resolve this problem.

It Is Comforting To Your Dog

Some dogs rub on you or other familiar people because it is comforting. That can be because some dogs are comforted just by the smell of their owners.

Collar Irritation

If a dog has a new collar, it could be too tight or irritate the Dog's neck. If the caller is not washed for a while, it could be grown or gain weight, leading to a tight collar and requiring adjustment or removal. You should be able to sleep two fingers underneath Dog's collar comfortably.

Something On Its Face

Sometimes if the Dog has dirt, food, or water on its face will rub its face on you to wipe it off. Most likely, this is after a swim, bath, meal, or playing outside. In this case, there is no need to worry; but your Dog just needs a little assistance in wiping it off.

Your Dog Is Trying To Console You

Some dogs are very understanding. For example, your Dog will probably try to make you feel better if you are upset or anxious. If your Dog sees you teary-eyed, they are probably trying to make you feel better by showing you that they love you.

Low Calcium Levels

The itchiness could also happen due to low calcium or hypocalcemia, due to which they will rub their face. Low calcium can occur for several medical reasons, including other signs such as twitching, seizures, restlessness, aggression, and/or excessive drinking or urinating. A veterinarian must diagnose and monitor this condition, so any dog with these clinical signs should be examined immediately.

It's A Dominating Behavior In Rare Cases

This rubbing is always accompanied by aggressive behaviors such as:

● Growling

● Aggressive Biting

● Staring

● Snarling

● Fearful or stressed postures such as tail tucked between legs, wide eyes, hair raised on end

If any of the above reasons that your Dog is rubbing on you, you should consult your vet about your Dog's aggressive behavior.

How Can I Show My Dog Affection?

Since you know some common ways you show affection, you might also wonder how you can show love in return. It is essential because you want to ensure your Dog knows that you love them and make sure they feel wanted and appreciated.

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