Weird Things Cats Love

Weird Things Cats Love

Each individual possesses their quirks, and intriguingly, our feline companions also seem to exhibit them. Have you ever pondered the irony of purchasing lavish cat toys only to find your cat engrossed in playing with a mundane hair tie?

Cats are enigmatic beings, yet there often lies a rationale behind their actions or a logic to their preferences. Should you be intrigued by the peculiarities of your cat's behavior, delve into the following exploration for a glimpse into the motivations driving your feline friend's fascination.

Drinking From Your Water Cup or the Tap Instead Of Their Fountain

You've splurged on an expensive cat water fountain, yet your feline companion seems more drawn to drinking from your glass or the faucet. Why the preference?

Your cat might not discern that your glass is off-limits; instead, it sees a convenient water source and seizes the opportunity. In the wild, cats drink whenever they're thirsty, regardless of the vessel.

Another explanation could be mimicry - observing you drink and wanting to drink the same liquid refreshment.

Some cats are captivated by running water, especially during your daily household routines like dishwashing or teeth brushing.

Alternatively, your cat might prefer the freshness of flowing water over stagnant bowl water, which can accumulate bacteria and taste different due to food particles.

That's why it's crucial to refresh your cat's water bowl multiple times daily and thoroughly clean it with soap and water at least once daily.

Pushing Things From Tables and Watching Them Break

Do you ever find your cat constantly knocking things off your shelf? Despite having plenty of toys, it's frustrating when they seem fixated on this behavior. But why do cats do it?

For your feline friend, each item pushed off holds a different allure. It might be the thrill of watching objects bounce or break into pieces, providing entertainment and stimulation in their mischievous way.

Getting Into Boxes and Jumping Out Of Them

Ever wonder why some cats are fixated on boxes? It's all about comfort and security for them. The enclosed space provides a sense of coziness and protection, making them feel safe from all sides.

But it's not just about comfort - boxes offer endless entertainment. Cats love hiding, springing out, and surprising unsuspecting household members or pets. Perhaps they enjoy the reactions they elicit, similar to people who enjoy pulling pranks. It's their feline way of adding some excitement to the household.

Stalking Inanimate Electrical Cords

My cat has a peculiar fascination with electrical cords. Each night, as we settle in to watch television, he embarks on a ritual of batting at the tags attached to the cords and attempting to bite them.

Despite the routine, he shows no signs of losing interest. Why does he persist with this behavior?

One possibility is that he's learned that playing with the cords garners attention. Additionally, the unpredictable movements of the cords may provide an element of amusement, keeping him engaged.

Recognizing his tendencies, I've devised strategies to divert his attention. Now, I proactively engage him with a cat feather wand or initiate a game of fetch to redirect his focus away from his cord-hunting pursuits.

Having Their Butt Scratched

Have a cat approached you, turned around, and presented their rear end? That area just above their tail, often dubbed the "butt," can be an itch they can't scratch with their paws. Some cats have learned to back up against a dangling hand for a good scratch. Signs of enjoyment include purring, tail twitching, and arching up against your hand or foot.

What we perceive as quirky cat behavior is often just their way of expressing natural needs or responses that have been reinforced over time. So, sit back and appreciate your cat's individuality!

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