Steps To Take If You Miss A Heartworm Dose


We all aim to take the best care of our pets, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you missed giving your cat or dog their usual heartworm medication, whether you believed mosquito season was over or it slipped your mind, here's what to do next.

The Importance Of Regular Dosing

Understanding the mechanism of heartworm preventatives underscores the criticality of regular dosing and the potential harm of missing a dose. While not preventing heartworm larvae from entering an animal's bloodstream, these medications do eliminate any larvae transmitted in the past 30 days. However, they need to provide lasting protection. If a dose is delayed, even by a week, it creates a window that allows larvae to mature into adult heartworms, posing a serious threat to your pet's health.

Steps To Take If You Miss A Dose

If you realize you've missed a dose of heartworm medication, first determine how late it is. If it's less than a week late, immediately give the dose and then return to your regular schedule. If it's more than a week late, it's crucial to contact your veterinarian before giving any more medication. They are there to guide you and ensure the best care for your pet, as administering preventatives to a heartworm-positive animal (especially dogs) can cause issues.

Regardless of the timing, it's a good idea to consult your vet and ensure a heartworm test is scheduled within the next six months.

Heartworm Testing

Testing for heartworms is not just a routine; it's crucial to maintaining your pet's health. Regular testing ensures that any heartworm infection is detected early, allowing for timely treatment. Your vet will take a blood sample from your pet to check for the presence of heartworm larvae. It's not just a recommendation; it's a responsibility to follow the recommended testing schedule, especially if there's a chance your pet missed a dose of preventative medication. treatment and early detection can prevent more serious health issues down the line, and you play a vital role in this process.

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