Simparica Trio vs Advocate (Advantage Multi)

 Simparica Trio vs  Advocate (Advantage Multi)

It's crucial to safeguard our canine companions from heartworms, but this doesn't negate the need to guard them against other pests, such as fleasticks, and intestinal worms. The market offers diverse products designed to protect against parasites, leaving many pet owners needing clarification about the right choice for their dogs. Understanding which product aligns best with your furry friend's needs is essential.

Advantage Multi and Simparica Trio are well-regarded options for broad-spectrum treatments that defend against multiple parasites. Deciding which one is more suitable for your dog is a vital step you should consider before application.

This article discusses Advantage Multi and Simparica Trio, focusing on their differences in action mechanisms, ingredients, and targeted parasites.

Advocate (Advantage Multi) For Dogs    

Advantage Multi for Dogs offers a comprehensive monthly solution for safeguarding dogs against five key parasites. This broad-spectrum topical treatment effectively prevents heartworm disease, manages and controls intestinal worms, addresses sarcoptic mange, eliminates adult fleas, and handles flea infestations. Formulated with a distinctive blend of two active substances, imidacloprid, and moxidectin, it ensures effective defense against various parasites.

Simparica Trio For Dogs

Simparica Trio for dogs offers a straightforward, monthly oral regimen of liver-flavored chewables. This treatment is designed to shield against heartworm disease, roundworms, and hookworms. Additionally, Simparica Trio is effective in exterminating fleas within 4 hours and targets five prominent tick species, including Gulf Coast ticks, American Dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, Deer ticks, and Brown Dog ticks. The formula blends three distinct active ingredients, each with a specific action. Sarolaner is used for eliminating ticks and fleas. Pyrantel plays a role in managing and treating infections caused by intestinal worms. Moxidectin, conversely, is included for its preventative action against heartworm disease.

Similarities Between Advantage Multi And Simparica Trio

Advantage Multi and Simparica Trio have several commonalities. Highlighted below are some of their similarities:

  • For optimal effectiveness, both treatments require monthly administration.
  • They offer defense against infestations of intestinal worms, specifically targeting adult hookworms and roundworms.
  • Each product is effective in eliminating adult fleas and in the prevention of heartworm diseases in dogs.
  • It is advised not to use either product in dogs that are lactating, pregnant, or intended for breeding.

Differences Between Advantage Multi And Simparica Trio

A critical distinction between Advantage Multi and Simparica Trio lies in their application methods. Advantage Multi is applied topically, whereas Simparica Trio is an oral treatment.

Regarding parasite protection, Simparica Trio guards against hookworms and roundworms, whereas Advantage Multi provides broader worm protection, eliminating whipworms in addition to hookworms and roundworms.

While Advantage Multi for Dogs effectively treats and controls sarcoptic mange, Simparica Trio does not offer protection against mange.

Furthermore, Simparica Trio efficiently eradicates five types of ticks: Gulf Coast ticks, American Dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, Deer ticks, and Brown Dog ticks. On the other hand, Advantage Multi for dogs does not provide tick protection.

Comparison Chart

 Simparica Trio For Dogs
 Advocate Advantage Multi For Cats & Dogs
Kills Ticks
Kills Fleas
Prevents Flea Infestations
Prevents Heartworms
Kills Roundworms
Kills Hookworms
Kills Whipworms
Treats Sarcoptic Mange
Active Ingredients
Moxidectin, Pyrantel, and Sarolaner 
Chewable Tablet 
When does it starts working
Start killing fleas within four hours and ticks within eight hours of administration 
Kills fleas within 12 hours 
Safe For Pregnant and Lactating Dogs
Minimum Weight and Age of administration
Eight weeks or older puppies and 2.8 lbs or more
Seven weeks or older puppies and 3 lbs

The Bottom Line

Choosing between these products often boils down to personal preference - do you prefer administering oral medications like Simparica Trio to your dog, or are you more inclined towards topical applications like Advantage Multi? Advantage Multi is generally recommended for puppies aged between 7 and 8 weeks. In cases where protection from ear mites is a priority, Advantage Multi could be the ideal choice for your canine companion. On the other hand, if your primary concern is combating ticks, flea larvae, and flea eggs, Simparica Trio offers effective protection against these parasites.

It's important to discuss these options and any other parasite preventatives you're considering with your veterinarian. Don't hesitate to share any concerns during your dog's check-up. Should you have additional questions after you visit the vet, consider contacting the pharmacists at Allivet for a complimentary pet-parent consultation!

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