Simparica Chewables For Dogs

Simparica Chewables For Dogs

Simparica is formulated with sarolaner as its key component and is presented as a chewable pill that combats and safeguards against fleas and specific canine ticks. It's also certified to protect against ticks such as the Gulf Coast, American dog, black-legged, lone star, and brown dog variants. Suitable for dogs and young pups weighing above 2.8 pounds and aged over six months.

Furthermore, Simparica is sometimes prescribed outside its standard labeling to address issues like demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, and ear mites in canines. The notion of off-label or extra-label utilization implies employing a drug in a manner or for a species not explicitly mentioned on its label. Though such practices are common among veterinarians, your vet must decide if Simparica is ideal for your furry friend.

Manufacturer of Simparica Chewable

Simparica chewable tablets are manufactured by Zoetis, a global animal health company that produces a variety of veterinary medicines and services.

Active Ingredient of Simparica Chewable

The active ingredient in Simparica chewable tablets is sarolaner.

How does Simparica Chewable work?

Simparica is powered by sarolaner, a member of the modern isoxazoline class known for flea and tick prevention. When fleas and ticks bite, they consume sarolaner, leading to an overstimulation of their nerves, resulting in paralysis and death. It's essential to note that this medication starts eliminating fleas on your canine within a few hours post-administration. The dosage is weight-specific, making it crucial to pick the right medication size for your dog. Regularly checking your dog's weight can help ensure accurate dosing.

Simparica Chewable Directions

Always adhere to the instructions on the Simparica label or as your vet recommends. Administer this medication orally once a month, and it can be taken with or without food.

Missed a Dose of Simparica Chewable?

If you've skipped a dose of Simparica, consult your vet for guidance. They suggest giving it as soon as you recall and then continuing with the regular monthly schedule.

Avoid administering additional or doubled amounts. If there's been a significant gap since the previous dose, you might notice a brief reappearance of fleas.

Side Effects of Simparica Chewable

This medicine is typically well-accepted by many pets. Adverse reactions are infrequent, and potential side effects might encompass:

  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting

Medications within this drug class have occasionally resulted in neurologic adverse reactions. Inform your vet if your canine has previously experienced seizures or any other neurological conditions. Possible neurologic side effects can comprise:

  • Seizures
  • Lack of coordination
  • Muscle tremors

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Simparica has advanced medications designed to tackle fleas, ticks, and various worms in dogs. Sarolaner, found in Simparica, offers rapid and effective protection against fleas and ticks. It's vital to select the correct dosage based on your dog's weight and always consult a veterinarian to ensure the best care for your pet.



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