How Exciting It Can Be To Live Dog's Life


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a dog? During school fancy dress competitions, we often dress up as something we aspire to be, such as an astronaut, pilot, Spider-Man, or even Harry Potter. But have you ever considered dressing up as a dog, the most loyal pet?

Take a moment to imagine living your life as a dog.

What if you were a dog instead of a human? Let's explore what your daily activities might look like as a dog. (We believe it would be enjoyable and relaxing.)

The Importance Of Sleep

Living the life of a dog is a testament to comfort and ample rest, with dogs typically indulging in about 14 hours of sleep a day. Their unique polyphasic sleep patterns, a testament to their adaptability and natural instincts, allow them to stay vigilant of their surroundings and visitors while still getting the rest they need. This often results in a state of drowsy, light sleep rather than deep, uninterrupted slumber. Although this half-sleep routine might seem unusual, it's a natural part of a dog's lifestyle.

Dogs require this much sleep because they burn off many of the calories they consume. For instance, a one-hour walk can burn about 60 calories for a dog, and dogs generally consume fewer calories than humans.

So, imagine being a dog and living a life filled with restful days and an overall sense of relaxation. Doesn't it sound like a blissful way to live?

Nourish To Thrive

Who doesn't love a happy stomach? Meal times are the happiest times of the day. Maintaining a consistent eating schedule is important to keep your pet's digestive system healthy and prevent overfeeding. A dedicated meal bowl helps control portions and supports your pet's physical health.

Dog-Time Is Relaxation Time

Just as "Netflix and Chill" is your moment of relaxation, dogs find peace in quiet activities like sitting by the window, watching random things, lounging on the couch, and simply being idle. They dedicate about 30% of their day to such restful activities to stay energized; otherwise, they can become irritable.

Taking time for yourself is a way of bringing peace into your life.

Play Is Essential

Your pet's daily routine should include 1-2 hours of walking, exercising, playing with toys, jogging, and other engaging activities to keep them fit and prevent obesity-related diseases. Obesity is a common issue in dogs, leading to numerous health problems. Starting playful activities now can help avoid future regrets.

Playing is a joyful talent.

Connect With New Faces

Have you ever seen a lone puppy with its mother? This is rare except in extreme cases. Puppies thrive when they have other puppies for company. They are very social animals and enjoy being around other animals and humans. Let your pet interact with new and familiar people, as this helps them feel alive, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Socializing is always better than being alone.


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