Caring For Your Pet Against Fleas

Utilizing A Flea Comb And Bath

Initiating flea treatment with a thorough combing session and a bath using flea-specific shampoo lays a solid foundation. This approach proves particularly beneficial for young animals that still need to reach the minimum age or weight requirements for other flea remedies. Combing your pet when their fur is dry, preferably before administering a flea shampoo bath, is essential.

To rid your pet of fleas, use a flea shampoo and bathe them in a tub, sink, or outdoors (ensuring they're leashed). Adhere closely to the instructions on the product packaging, ensuring thorough rinsing to prevent shampoo residue from drying on your pet's skin.

While flea combs and baths offer cost-effective solutions, they require considerable effort and are most effective for mild infestations. Consistent process repetition is necessary to eliminate all fleas on your pet.

Options For Flea Control

Three primary avenues exist for addressing flea infestationsoral medicationstopical treatments, and collars.

Topical Treatments:

Also known as spot-on treatments, topical medications like BravectoRevolutionFrontline Plus, and Advantage Multi are top-rated and effective solutions for eliminating fleas, eggs, and larvae. They can be safely used on pets as young as seven weeks old, making them a preferred option when pets resist oral medications.

The application involves placing the medication at the base of your pet's neck or between shoulder blades. Ensure the product is completely dry before exposing your pet to water and allowing young children or other pets to contact them.

Frontline Plus and Advantage Multi(Advocate) are suitable for dogs and cats and effectively eradicate fleas, eggs, and larvae. Revolution for cats and Revolution for dogs target newly emerged fleas before they can reproduce. These topical treatments provide 30 days of protection against fleas and are intended for monthly use. Bravecto topical solutions for dogs and cats offer up to 12 weeks of flea protection, preventing new infestations.

In addition to flea control, Revolution and Bravecto also eliminate ticks. Frontline Plus for dogs and Frontline Plus for cats not only tackle ticks but also repel mosquitoes.

Oral Treatments:

Oral treatments, available as flavored or unflavored chewables, are typically more suitable for dogs due to the challenge of administering pills to cats.

Capstar is an excellent option for immediate relief for cats and dogs. It works rapidly, eliminating adult fleas within 30 minutes of administration, and can be safely administered once daily.

Monthly Treatments:

Monthly flea treatments are designed to eradicate existing fleas, eggs, and larvae on your pet. Bravecto is a highly effective monthly treatment available in topical form for cats and chewable for dogsNexGard, another option for dogs (including puppies as young as eight weeks), also provides comprehensive flea control, targeting adult fleas, eggs, and larvae. Bravecto and NexGard also offer protection against newly emerged fleas, preventing re-infestation. Bravecto chews for dogs provide up to 12 weeks of protection, while NexGard chewables eliminate all fleas within 24 hours and offer protection for up to 30 days.

Flea Collars:

Flea collars are particularly beneficial during the summer when flea activity peaks. The Seresto flea collar stands out for its effectiveness in eliminating fleas, ticks, and their larvae, offering one of the safest and longest-lasting forms of flea protection for your pet.

Both Seresto dog and cat collars kill and repel fleas and ticks, providing up to eight months of protection. Fasten the collar around your pet's neck with enough space to comfortably fit two fingers underneath. The collar must contact your pet's skin to ensure effectiveness.



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